some boudoir cheer

Since I've been visiting my parents, I've been working on some colorful little paintings to brighten up my mom's room, which she jokingly calls "the boudoir." This is a very functional, multipurpose room--study, craft room, sewing room, t.v. room and now even napping room. (This is my favorite room to work in as well. At the moment, my sewing, painting and other projects are strewn across the tables.) The walls in this multifunction room are white, the carpet beige, and there is no decoration or ornamentation. My mom says: "I'm beyond all of that; what I want is function." Though still the same, it doesn't hurt to add a little cheer on the walls. When I finish all the pictures, I'll have to post them hanging on the walls of the very practical and now beautiful boudoir!

P.S. I can't wait to find out what Lynne's mysterious creation is.

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lynne said...

Your lucky mom! What a lovely wall she will have now. I really love your backgrounds. When I clicked on each picture to see them more closely, they have such a lovely richness. Is that a little Cecelia Beaux you are channeling?

Melissa, how much would you sell a similar painting for? I would love to have one in my boudoir.