homemade Christmas idea #4

Homemade button hair clips are so easy to make. Simply glue gun a pretty button onto a barrette. You can make a sweet card to display the clips for gift giving. Simply print a picture onto heavy cardstock. Make little slits in the paper with an exacto knife and insert clips. I then sewed the cardstock onto a heavy contrasting paper to make it more substantial.

The bottom photo is a simple acorn charm hanging from orange embroidery floss. You can find an amazing selection of charms on www.bluemud.com. String ribbon or embroidery floss through the cardstock with a darning needle. Then tie clasp onto each side. Tape onto the back of the card to hold into place. Then sew around cardstock photo onto a larger contrasting piece of cardstock.

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Happy gift making! Only one month to go!


lynne said...

Melissa!!! You are so, so brilliant!!!! I love the photo cards, and that acorn is the sweetest. I'm going to go check those out...

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

what cute ideas!!! love them!!!

Jen said...

We defianately need to talk about Japan! I love all that you do!!!

Jen said...

sorry for the type-o