more advent fun

melissa, i love your quilted advent calendar! here is my shoddy handiwork: don't look too closely, you'll see all kinds of threads and chewed off mini-lightbulbs (my children love to touch this - especially when there is candy tied to it!). i went through a phase a few years ago where i wanted to make an urban san francisco version of "the night before christmas" book, since that's where we lived when my oldest was born. the calendar was made during this period. one of these years i have big plans to re-make it with better detailing. we'll see if that ever gets moved off my to-do list...!


melissa said...

Lynne: I don't think you need to remake this at all. It is so charming and beautiful. I love all of the colorful buildings full of windows. What an inspiration! P.S. Are the buildings made of felt?

lynne said...

yup - lots of felt, adhered with the sticky double-sided interfacing.