Month of Love

Inspired by this, this, and this, we devised the 5 year old's valentines. She has a big kindergarten class so we have to start early! I xeroxed one of her pictures (thank heavens not the cannibalistic pirates, or an excerpt from her Bum-Bum book (a story for another day)) and exacto-ed out the dresses to see the pretty paper beneath. We'll glue on a lollipop and call it good.

Any great idea for Valentines for second grade boys, anyone?


gillar girl said...

these are so cute and original! i love it. last year we did lifesaver rockets for my 1st grader. you take a roll of lifesavers (actually i think we ended up using bottlecaps because we couldn't find lifesavers.) attach a silver hershey kiss on top. let them decorate/write on a piece of colored paper to wrap around the "rocket" and have snip some flames for the bottom. he loved making these.

lera said...

What a sweet idea.

As for boys. Ha! You'd think this would be my expertise, but it's not. My boys mostly love the store-bought ones. Sorry, it's no help.

sew nancy said...

oh those are very nice.

I saw shrinky dink magnets over on kidding around and thought that was cute for boys or
and this just came to me
how about some origami
or a message in a bottle

Anonymous said...

Hm. 2nd grade boys. Something punny about hearts and farts?

Trish said...

those turned out great! I wish I'd had valentines as lovely when I was a kid. I also love the silhouettes you showed in your bathroom renovation post (the first 'this' listed as your inspiration). Well done, again.

Janika said...

We've made mustaches out of brown stiff felt or fun foam to great success. You just draw a pattern for a curly mustache (that generally fits the face of your boy), make a small cut in the middle and insert a lollipop. The kids think it is so funny that they temporarily have a mustache while enjoying the lollipop. I've attached cowboy themed notes to the lollipop stick, like "Howdy Partner, Hope you have a foot-stompin' fun Valentine's Day" or a more sophisticated version, "Hope you have a dashing Valentine's Day." Oh, and you can also follow this same idea, but make it big red lips for the girls. I found this idea several years ago via Family Fun's website.

melissa said...

Very cute. I like the mustache idea too. I think 2nd grade boys would get a kick out of that.

brooke said...

endless possibilities.. I love it!

Anonymous said...

That's adorable.

My 11-year-old boy is planning to use PhotoShop to design his valentines . . . I have a feeling they will be a little bit primitive and quirky. But he'll have fun.

I love the mustache idea.

Barbara Brown said...

we have a large exchange also and multiplied by 4 children its about 100 valentines we are supposed to hand make. i love this idea. handmade and simple.
thank you so very much.
barbara brown

Anonymous said...

My 2nd grade boy is an excellent airlplane maker!

I bought scrapbooking paper at Joanne...6/96cents, the map paper...and he is folding away. he is known in his class to be the master folder and is asked often to make planes and hats.

to make it more festive, I think we will make a tag with a heart and clip the plane so it will stay flat in transit to class!

(I forgot my google password, yikes)

kim said...

a "YOU RULE!" note on pretty paper with ribbon and a 6" wooden ruler purchased online cheap.

a lot of places to go with the mustaches, cool.

lynne said...

oh, I love that airplane idea~!

j & g said...

those are adorable!!! love the mustache idea, too. might have to steal the one next year for my boys.

Lauren said...

Wow - you have raised the bar on valentines day cards with this Lynne! I am glad our girls aren't in the same class with my store bought ones!!


rowena said...

For boys?

I think the pirates! Stolen hearts and plundered booty and all that.

Hopefully, no cannibalism.

But that was a really cute story.

mary said...

love, love, love this.

Theresa und Eva-Maria said...

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