Emily's Nature Painting

Wow!! Our amazing cousin Emily sent in a picture of this painting she made -- it is beautiful!!! I love the colors, and the texture on the trunks of those trees is so, so lovely. Here is what Emily says about her art:

"OK, when I got your email, it just so happened that I had just finished this painting to go over our mantle. I hadn't been able to
find something I liked, so I just decided to make something. It's supposed to be a row of trees. Clearly I don't go for "realism". Bruce came down and said, "Wow! Lollipops!" I still don't know if it's what I want, but it's what we have for now! I'm having a shower at my house tomorrow night, so i had to put something there!"

Emily, you are GREAT!! I LOVE IT!


melissa said...

It looks great Emily! Brad always makes funny comments about my art too!

kacolton said...

Yet another talent you possess. I loved the trees and the texture and movement they invoke. Great color.
Bruce is just beginning to develop his taste for fine art!

allydru said...

I knew these were trees right off, which doesn't mean they have to be trees, but the tree vibes were there. The colors are great -- reminds me of lollipops and parks and summer and sunburns.