the yellow stranger

I added the third bird to my painting. Though I think he looks too estranged from the group. I may try again.


kacolton said...

I love this lovely little painting. The yellow bird add balance and a splash of color. I also like the contributions to your kitchen. I can hardly wait to see them in person.

Kathryn (Mom)

allydru said...

I like the yellow and I like the bird, but I can see why it doesn't seem . . . right. I don't think it's so much the estrangement, as the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 balance. Not that I'm against balance, oh no (in fact I'd be thrilled to have a little of it in my life) but that sometimes it throws me off, oddly enough.

I'm in a blue and brown phase at present; all these branches against sky are delicious.

Emily said...

I like the little yellow bird. It kind of seems like he's standing guard for his friends' family--the dad is watching the mom doing the feeding and the friend is watching out for magpies. What with the new babies and all, I think its a pretty nice gesture :) Can you tell I've been watching those Planet Earth documentaries lately? I have been putting commentary into everything! Have fun in Belgium!